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Slack apps for top-notch community engagement

Muskaan Sethi
Published / 
November 3, 2022

Slack is the new black in business, and it includes a tonne of tools, bots, and applications to keep people hooked.

It's like a dream platform for business behemoths to manage several chores simultaneously. Slack eliminates trouble by overseeing staff members and projects or simply keeping everyone notified daily.

First, let's expand on engagement.

What do you consider to be the best strategy for maintaining involvement?

  • Social conversations?
  • Growth and training?
  • Fun at work?

Is this all there is, or is there more? Clearly, there is more! A great way to keep employees interested is to provide them with a platform where they can express their opinions, learn, catch up, plan tasks, take notes, and even vibe at work.

Slack is one platform where various applications may be added to offer a wide range of possibilities to keep users interested.

Best slack apps for community engagement.

There are several Slack apps that can be used to facilitate community engagement. Some of the best include:


Polly allows you to create simple surveys and polls directly within Slack, which can be a great way to gather feedback from your community members.

What this app promises?

Smart targeting, making meetings lively, and clean data visualization you can act on.


Donut is an app that helps you connect with other team or community members by randomly pairing you up for "coffee chats" or other virtual meetups. This is a great way to encourage networking and build relationships.

What this app promises?

Growing connections, matchmaking, engaging teams, and creating templates.


The app allows users to find and connect with local organizations and groups, as well as volunteer for causes they care about. With EngageWith, community members can easily find ways to get involved and positively impact their community.

What this app promises?

Rewards and recognition, pulse survey, anonymous feedback, and Birthday reminders.


This app helps you to extract value from your community platform and increases engagement. This platform is helping people not to miss out on content that is shared within the community. You’re not prone to miss any important stuff with Lowdown.

What this app promises?

Views, automation, power-ups, and templates.

One app that makes community members go crazy. Full of amazing activities- trivia, ice-breaking, games, and whatnot. It is the GOD app to keep your members engaged and is super fun to use.

What this app promises?

Trivia, Games (Memelord, who’s the faker), and ice-breakers.


The app that has solved the most significant problems of all time. It has got you covered on the member directory, check-ins, and announcement front. The app is totally easy to use and saves time like crazy.

What this app promises?

Member directories, check-ins, and announcements.

Ricotta on Slack

Know your community members through multiple ice-breaking games, social games, and quizzes. Keep them involved and make the most out of the community’s existence.

What this app promises?

Trivia & Picture Quizzes, Watercoolers & Icebreaker Games, 2-Player Games, and Social Word Games.


A matchmaking app to keep the community engaged and set it up for success. It involves employee mentorship programs, onboarding, and creating some amazing connections.

What this app promises?

Conversation prompts, automated scheduling, SOC2, GDPR, Privacy-focused, and Built-in video chat.

An app that helps like-minded people to connect using its algorithm. Reciprocity is a something that can be integrated in slack to make asking questions easier.

What this app promises?

Sit back and watch the Matches and generosity analytics flow.


Vote for ideas, keep them handy, and implement them like a pro with this slack app. Get your ideas sorted in prioritised order and build crazy stuff.

What this app promises?

Targeting hundreds of markets, and helps Slack teams to collect, discuss and vote for ideas.

Bottom line

Slack apps are all over the web, and we have listed a few to make your lives easier.

How can you find more?

Please keep checking our blogs and stay curious!!

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