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Top 10 Community Management apps

Muskaan Sethi
Published / 
November 4, 2022

Communities are always (read: mostly) on fire and what we need to make it efficient is a manager (or, managers).

Management is an overwhelming role that requires a person to be diplomatic and flexible.

Management as a skill is required in every possible role- community, marketing, sales, operations, data, and so on.

What do community managers do?

  1. Promote a sane environment in the community.
  2. Keep people engaged.
  3. Make sure everyone is on the same page.
  4. Post announcements.
  5. Provide genuine value.

…. it’s never-ending.

Do you feel a person or, say, 2-3 people can manage this all?

No, right?

Therefore, many apps support community management, moderation, and help the manager(s) keep everything under control.

Listing a few apps for your convenience here 👇

Commsor: Commsor is a community management platform that helps you build and manage online communities. It provides a central place for members to interact and connect with each other and gives you the tools to moderate and manage the community. Commsor makes it easy to keep your community organized and engaging, so you can focus on building relationships and growing your business.

Magic: Want to know about an app to manage member directories, check-ins, and announcements- It’s Magic; it’s magic; it has got the vibe you need. Make your community super sorted with the add-ons Magic has got for you.

Common Room: To enhance customer interactions and convert the community into a potent key enabler, Common Room offers real-time analytics, perspective, automation systems, and data. To assist you in creating, running, and evaluating dynamic communities, Common Room combines machine learning-powered analytics and enrichment with robust interaction and analytical capabilities. Help your members join the dots when they join the community. Dots help create a community system flow to make your members understand how the community works. A guide from start to end will keep your members engaged, and your community will not face any hassle.

Orbit: Orbit is like a CCTV for your community and gives you a complete view of what’s happening inside. It promotes- monitoring, measuring, and understanding your community practice.

Any-do: Frequently returning to the question "what next?" Slack's Any-do add-on will take care of this for you. Type in your question and get instant reminders of every task you hold. Keep your tasks handy, organised, and manage them like a pro.

Threado: Threado is to communities what tastemaker is to noodles. Needed everywhere (wanted, at least), present everywhere (almost), and enjoyed everywhere (that’s a fact). Threado boosts engagement for slack, discord, discourse, and many other platforms by providing excellent analytics, assisting with automation, and driving usage.

Charla: Charla is a community intelligence platform that enables users to share and receive real-time information about their local communities. Charla provides a variety of features that allow users to stay informed about what is happening in their area, including a newsfeed, event calendar, and community forum. With Charla, users can also receive alerts about important events or emergencies happening in their community.

Talkbase: With Talkbase, you can quickly and easily create a community of like-minded people who share your interests and passions. Talkbase provides tools and resources to help with- insights into member activities, executing events, and rewarding the star members of your community. With Talkbase, you can easily create a vibrant and thriving community that will support and enrich your life.

AhoyConnect: AhoyConnect is The ideal method for organising and improving your online community. You can quickly identify what is working and what isn't by using actionable reports, data visualisations, and insights, and then make adjustments to raise the performance of your community. Ahoyconnect may also assist you in achieving your goals by offering insightful information on your target audience. With all of this knowledge at your disposal, you can confidently run your community and make it as great as it can be!

The Bottom Line

Slack is a very powerful platform that can be used by anyone and everyone in the workplace. It is a communication tool that allows you to have a centralized channel to which everyone is invited. As a community manager, you can take advantage of the many different Slack apps that are available and make your life so much easier. We hope that our post on the best Slack apps for community management has helped you to discover new ways of keeping your community engaged and informed.

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