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Sending Bulk Messages to your Slack Community

Muskaan Sethi
Published / 
November 21, 2022

When building a thriving community, communication is one of the most important things. Slack is incredibly user-friendly and makes it easy for members to stay in touch with each other. That’s why Slack’s bulk messaging feature is so important – it lets members easily send messages to large groups of people at once.

There are many reasons why bulk messaging is an essential part of a Slack community. For one, it makes it easy for members to keep in touch with each other. It’s also great for organizing community events and discussions. And of course, it’s great for sending out important announcements.

Bulk messaging is also a great way to get members involved in your community. You can encourage them to participate in your discussions and events by allowing them to easily message large groups of people. Also, if there’s something important that they want to share with the community, they can do so easily.

Bulk messaging: How are they making communities efficient?

With so many people in one place, it's easy to find people with the same interests and chat with them about anything.

But what if you want to reach out to a large group of people without having to individually message them? Bulk messaging is a great way to do that!

Bulk messaging is when you send a message to a group of people, instead of one at a time. It's a great way to share information with a large group of people or to get the word out about a new project or event.

There are a few reasons why bulk messaging is a great way to reach out to your community. First, it's a fast way to communicate. With a message sent as a bulk message, your team can get the message out quickly and avoid delays.

Second, bulk messages are more likely to be read. With one message sent as a bulk message, it's more likely that everyone on the team will see it. And, since it's a message from the team, it's more likely to be taken seriously.

Finally, bulk messages are more likely to be responded to. With one message sent as a bulk message, it's more likely that everyone on the team will see it. And, since it's a message from the team, it's more likely to be responded to.

Why do we require bulk messaging?

  • Events

Events need to be promoted like crazy. How will you do that in your community? DM people individually saying hey, this event is happening or would want a feature that will send this message to multiple people in a single click?

We’re sure you want the latter. So, event announcements and details can be shared in one go using the bulk messaging feature in slack.

  • Check-ins

Daily check-in reminders are hectic to be sent (you might need a reminder to send a reminder, XD). But, bulk messaging makes it super easy to send reminders to every person in one go.

  • Announcements

Announcements are required to be read by every person in the community. Bulk messaging reduces the hassle 90x by sending the announcement to everyone and making lives easy.

Whenever you onboard a member, an introduction is necessary thing. To let everyone know that a member has joined- bulk messaging is again the king.

Humans vs bots- A debate

Here, we bring proper arguments in favour and against both parties and see who wins (or, will it be a tie?).

In favour of the motion:


  1. Humans have a personal touch: In any conversation, humans are always more considerate and aligned and have a diplomatic way of dealing with stuff.
  2. Humans are pro at understanding: Humans have the intellect to handle situations where one needs to be mindful about what/whatnot.
  3. We can interpret images/videos/stickers/emojis: Humans can understand what the person is referring to without written content, while bots cannot.
  4. Humans can build rapport and relationships: One human can easily build connections with another human. They might share interests, play games, or share knowledge.
  5. Humans can adjust to the vibe: Humans are always amazing at driving interaction and engagement. They talk based on the conversation’s aura and not based on some code/programming.


  1. Time-saving and efficient: Bots are the best with automation and are quick with their approach. They are programmed to revert in seconds of any message being received.
  2. Anytime available for interaction: Humans take time to revert to messages as they might/might not be online when a response is needed. But, bots are always up to toe and available whenever needed.
  3. Helps in sending out monotonous messages: Bots are programmed to follow commands. One can always set an announcement, onboarding text, or any kind of repetitive task required in the community using bots to save time and energy.
  4. Minimal cost and is always pre-trained: Bots are comparatively inexpensive. No salary or compensation is to be paid. Also, they are coded to be automated and self-reliant. Therefore, no additional training is required to be given.
  5. No language barrier: Bots can function in any language that you need. Language preferences can be altered according to requirements.

Against the motion:


  1. More cost and time involved: Humans require proper compensation on the basis of their skills. Further, they need more time to complete sending any sort of message that is repetitive in nature.
  2. Non-availability: Humans can be inactive during some time phases. They need proper breaks. So, if any message needs to be answered, humans do that according to their convenience.
  3. Might miss important details: As a human, one might skip some necessary details to be shared with the community. Or, might make a mistake while sending it.
  4. Not a pro with multitasking: The human mind functions to work with a focus on one particular task. So, they tend to work on one thing at a time.


  1. Minimal personalization: Bots cannot/ are not coded to be more personalized. They simply put forward the required message and add attributes like your name (or other details as required).
  2. Engagement: Bots are not engaging when it comes to proper community activities. They are required to send messages that are programmed in their system. Bots cannot think and send messages whenever there is a need.
  3. Limited information: Bots share a set piece of information needed in the community at different intervals. They cannot be used in between a proper group discussion for insights/information.
  4. Can be irrelevant: Bots might not have answers to questions sometimes. They might get a bit irrelevant and provide information that is of no/minimal use

Segmentation in communities

Putting members into different categories based on their preferences, age, interest etc is segmentation.

How can we segment members?

  • Tags

Various tags can be created to highlight the members of the segment created. Say, it’s a segment where there are members who are doing an MBA, so a tag can be created (say, @MBAisccol) to mention the members.

  • Channels

Different channels can be created for members who are interested. For example- there can be a different channel for book clubs, music, or any movie fandom.

  • Interest-based community

People who share similar interests can be in a community segment which runs on a particular basis. For example- a whole community dedicated to marvel, or a community dedicated to anime.

Magic App is a pro at Bulk Messaging

Bulk messaging is an amazing feature in the Magic App. It allows you to send messages to large groups of people at once, without having to individually add each person to a group chat. This is perfect for situations where you must communicate with many people at once, such as coordinating an event or sending a mass notification.

With bulk messaging, you can add as many people as you want to a chat, and they will instantly receive your messages. There's no need to worry about whether everyone is online at the same time, or whether they'll see your messages promptly.

Another great thing about bulk messaging is that you can include attachments in your messages. This is perfect for sending pictures or files to a large group of people. No need to individually send each person a file; with bulk messaging, you can send it to everyone in the chat all at once.

Bulk messaging is an incredibly handy feature, and it's available to all Magic App users.

Can we play with time zones?

Time zones are a huge pain when it comes to messaging people. It should always be the right hour according to business ethics too.

Members must receive important messages when they are active, and it’s the time of the day when they are working.

Therefore, time zones are very important to consider.

So, can we set the time zones in bulk messaging?

Yes, we can!!

To know more about time zone management in detail, visit the slack help center.

Recalling messages on Slack

Don’t be afraid if you made an error in your message, bud!

Slack has it covered.

Slack gives us the option to edit and delete messages that are sent. This is to avoid any sort of incorrect information being shared.

Further, you can easily recall a bulk message shared with all the members.

When not to use bulk messaging?

Bulk messaging is a feature for sharing important information and is highly useful for large communities.

One must not use this frequently because if used like that- it might lose its importance. People might take it casually and stop responding.

Also, bulk messaging should never be used to share irrelevant information to be able to hold significance.

The Bottom Line

Bulk messaging can be a useful feature if used in a resourceful manner. If it is not used correctly, it may result in various issues like- mismanagement, conflict, misinterpretations, etc.

The feature must be used with high care to keep the community going well.

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