Community Management

The essential skillset for community team leaders

Muskaan Sethi
Published / 
February 16, 2023

There is much more to being a community team leader than just managing and leading a group of individuals. One needs a distinctive and specialised set of talents to succeed in the position and successfully create, manage, inspire, and expand a vibrant community.

A community team leader needs in-depth technical expertise, original problem-solving capabilities, excellent people management skills, and strong leadership traits to build and sustain an engaged and active community.

Success as a community team leader involves more than just being gregarious and outgoing. It demands unique abilities, including self-awareness, powerful interpersonal skills, and thorough community knowledge.

Let's start with a brief definition before moving on to the fundamental competencies a community team leader needs:

A community team leader fosters and preserves connections among clients, current and future community members, or even employees of an organisation.

This position demands special skills and abilities to successfully serve the community's needs and handle its members' concerns.

What therefore is required to succeed in this position?

1. Communication:

A successful team leader in the community must be proficient in oral and written communication. With these abilities, the team leader may clearly and motivate to convey the community's objectives, goals, and tactics to the team. An excellent command of public speaking and diplomatic negotiating techniques can facilitate the development of connections with other organisation stakeholders and the smooth management of challenging circumstances.

2. Networking: 

For the community to have a good and noticeable presence, a team leader has to be extroverted and aggressively forge relationships through social media, conferences, or events. They should be eager to network, engage in conversations, and exchange community resources to get to know other potential members and stakeholders.

3. Relationship Building Skills: 

To promote engagement and foster trust and dependability, it is crucial to establish solid and encouraging connections with community members. Members who have paid dues should feel valued and appreciated, and free members should feel respected and at home.

4. Team Building: 

Building, managing, and leading a team are skills that a successful community team leader must possess. This entails encouraging cooperation and teamwork while upholding discipline, motivating teammates to work towards common objectives, and empowering teammates to resolve problems.

5. Strategic Planning: 

A team leader for the community should be able to formulate and put into action a strategy for growth and engagement tactics. Making rules and norms for the community, developing campaigns and activities to boost user involvement and participation, and monitoring and controlling overall community activity are all included in this.

6. Content Creation & Management:

Content management is essential in forging a sense of loyalty and trust among community members. A community team leader must comprehend members' requirements and desires, develop novel ways to keep the content interesting and current and oversee the community's curation and development processes.

The above mentioned abilities are only necessities for a thriving community team leader. Team members are well on becoming excellent leaders if they possess some of these abilities and can keep up with the rapidly changing social media landscape. To be successful, community team leaders need a wide range of abilities. The function requires various technical, organisational, analytical, and leadership skills. You'll be able to forge solid bonds with clients, advance your brand, and guarantee client happiness by consistently honing and enhancing these talents. Therefore, if you continue to learn and develop, you'll be well on your way to being a great community team leader.

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