Send  personalized direct messages to your Community

Type in your personalized message. Select recipients. Send.
Send your first Broadcast

Saving hundreds (if not thousands) of hours for fast-growing Communities on Slack.

No more back-and-forth.

Major announcements, event reminders or regular check-ins. Broadcast helps you personalize and automate everything.

Scheduled reminders for Upcoming Events

Know what works better than Calendar Invites? Not @channel reminders. And certainly not emails

How about personalized event reminders in their Slack DMs?

Schedule a reminder

Check in with your
Community Members

Wondering what’s going on in your community members’ minds? Ask. But don’t just blast a visibly-copy-pasted message at a random hour in the day or night.

Send a personalized note, when they check their messages.

Check in with your community

Send a weekly summary

Not every member can keep up with everything going on in the community—who would know it better than you, the community manager?

Send a personalized summary of top highlights every week.

Send a weekly summary

Deliver personalized announcements in the DMs

5-10% of the community members reacted. <1% replied. 0 conversations started. Yep—this is the state of @channel announcements.

Send a personalized announcement, and make your members feel involved.

Send an announcement

You’re always in control.

We didn’t need to tell you this—but you’re always in control.

  • Broadcast to individual recipients.
  • Broadcast to members of a specific #channel.
  • Configure the sender profile (usually you or someone in your team).
  • Adjust delivery time zones.
  • Configure delivery date and time.

Only takes 4 clicks.

If you…have the message ready.
Go to the broadcast tab (web) or use our Slack shortcut.
Personalize your message with first, last or full name & select recipients.
Configure the date, time & timezone.
Hit send.

It’s like…Magic.

Broadcast is one of the many tools we’re building to help you scale your community while keeping it personal. There’s a lot more.


A new member joined? Keep them engaged with greetings, onboarding & support messages — with Automation.


A new event is up? Let your community members register with one click, without leaving Slack — with Events.


Stay in control of who joins your community and charge for access when you want — with Memberships.

You got questions—we have answers.

How many broadcasts can we make in a day, week or month?

As many as you want to. That said, please don’t overdo it—we love your community members as much as you do.

Is there any limit on # of messages delivered?

Yes—glad you asked. 50 messages per minute. If your workspace has 500 members, it takes ~10 minutes to deliver your broadcast to all of them.

What does selecting a #channel as recipient do?

Selecting a specific channel as a recipient delivers your broadcast to only the members who are in that channel—and no one else.

Will selecting multiple #channels as recipients deliver multiple messages to common members?

No—each recipient receives only one message.

I have a question that isn’t answered here.

You can send a message on our chatbot (bottom-left of this page) or email us at; we promise to get back within 48 hours.