Everything you need to build your Community on Slack

Streamline repetitive tasks, focus on building personalized connections. Isn’t that Magic?
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No more back-and-forth.

Magic brings you everything you need to run a Community, without leavingSlack
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Member Directory in Slack

Enable your community to find and connect with members who share similar interests — without leaving Slack.

Spaces in Slack

Text, Videos, or entire course-work for your learning community. Everything you want your community to access without getting lost in links, natively in Slack.
A new event is up? Let your community members register with one click — without leaving Slack.

Built for Slack. On Slack.

Member Directory, Spaces, Announcements & more, without the constant buzzing of new messages. And no more passwords — just Sign in via Slack.
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Everything you need to run your Community

Members Directory

Enable your community to find, connect and engage with members who share similar interests — with Directory.
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Smart Messaging

Save time and automate bulk messages in Slack. One extra click and the emails are sent as well. Announcement links? Sent.
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Company Directory

View members from the same company and search, filter and sort through companies — with Company Directory.
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Library & Spaces

Text, Videos, or anything you want your community to access without getting lost in links — with Spaces.
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Use Cases

Magic for your Communities

Use case

Built for Cohort-based Courses

Running a learning community? Engage your learners with Magic.


Peer-to-peer learning is important & who knows it better than learning communities!? Enable your community to engage with their peers, without leaving Slack.


Tired of questions like “Hey, where can I find last week’s recordings”? Upload it to Spaces, along with your entire course-work for this cohort.


Schedule those weekend classes or the incredibly-fun community nights — and know who’s joining with one-click registration without leaving Slack.
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Use case

Built for Startup Communities

Bringing together the best startups and founders? Engage them with Magic.


Enable startup founders to make meaningful connections based on what they need help with and how they can help.


Keep new members and startup founders engaged with automated greetings, onboarding & support messages.


Forget sorting through hundreds of submissions. Invite all the stakeholders, send onboarding emails/messages & more with a single click.
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From the Twitterverse

What everyone says about Community!


Everything you will need to run your Community

⭐️ coming soon


What is that new “buzzword” your community has sent 439 new messages about? Get actionable insights from your community — with Analytics.
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A new member joined? Keep them engaged with greetings, onboarding & support messages — with Automation.


A new event is up? Let your community members register with one click, without leaving Slack — with Events.


Stay in control of who joins your community and charge for access when you want — with Memberships.
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